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Hi, I can't take anti biodics, therefore I need a llmd that follows either the cowden or buhner protocal, anywhere in the U.S. If anyone has tried either one of these protocals, I would love your feedback and aslo who your llmd is. Thank you and be well, Jan < edited >
I tried Buhner protocol but in combination with other alternative therapies. Salt/C was my mainstay and then I would add other things as needed or interested in. I didn't do abx either. Had I known I had Lyme right after I was bitten I certainly would have but years later was (I feel) too late to effect any real healing. For the record, I know many people here have a different viewpoint about this. I'm not arguing or judging, just stating a different held viewpoint by many ... including me. In the end, my hope is that everyone gets the help and healing they need and want.

If you can't find an LLMD you can always do your own research and utilize groups such as this (and others) for support and info. This is what I did and I have no regrets! Also, but I don't know if this is still the case, you used to be able to email Buhner directly with questions.

All the best!


Just wanted to add the importance of magnesium for people with LD. It becomes depleted because the spirochetes feed off our magnesium rendering us magnesium deficient
Thank you so much. I would still feel more comfortable if I was under the care of a doc. that does alternative therapies.

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