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I am currently dealing with lyme disease and had it for about 8 months. I am a 14 year old girl and I know basically everything there is about lyme. I have been to 4 doctors. Tomorrow I am going to my doctors who is a lyme specialist to see my Igenex results. I have no medicine at all and been waiting months to start, but I have been taking vitamins and other herbs to help, and I'm on a sugar free diet which is very hard :[. My question is once I start antibiotics (hopefully tomorrow) will the depression start to go away too? I am happy so it must be from lyme because it came when all the other symptoms came too... I just get it even though I know I love my life and it makes me unable to do like anything Some days I have many symptoms and some days I would feel great if it would for the bad depression? Anyone else experience lots of depression with lyme?

My Symptoms

* Depression
* GERD symtoms
*Hard to concentrate at times
*Fevers in the first few months like every week
* Fatigue a lot
* Hard to breath a lot also/ like air hunger
* Glassy eyes all the time
* Shaking/leg tremors
* Numbness in places
* Loss some weight
* Always thirsty
* Throwing up (rarely though)
* Aches in stomach
*Canker sores a lot
* Joint Pains especially my neck and crackling in joints
* heart palpitations (was put on a 24 hr heart monitor)
*pressure in ears or pain
*Other flu like symptoms-Coughing, clogged nose, sneezing, sore throat
* Chest Paints
* Hiccups often
* itchy
* memory problems/ forgetful
* Insomnia
*Twitches in face mostly
*Bladder Problems-always have to pee or just always feeling like i have to go
*Brain fog/pressure in head
*Bad balance
*Overemotional reactions
*Vision got very blurry
*mouth hurting-jaw paints
*lots of gas
*eyes sensitive to light a little

As you can see I have experienced loads of symptoms over the months and finally going to start some medicine.

I never did get the rash that we know of....but we know when I started to feel since and then I just got worse from there.

Also any tips while taking the antibiotics or in general about lyme disease?


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