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Hi! I am a 33 year old female...just diagnosed... These are my results and I'm interested in whether this is a "NEW" disease or has been around awhile. My symptoms have included itchy bumps/rashes for a few months...had a HUGE allergic reaction to an unknown source almost a year ago (had to go to the ER and had a follow up with all allergy tests negative), Major menstrual irregularity issues which aren't new, headaches, anxiety which isn't new either;), neck pain and low grade fever, kind of often.
Lyme Quant IGM:2.01 INDEX 0.00-0.90 H
Lyme AB IGM INTERP, EIA: Positive A
P93 AB: Absent
P66 AB: Absent
P58 AB: Present A
P45 AB: Absent
P41 AB: Present A
P39,30,28,23,18: Absent
Lyme IGG WB Interp: Negative
P41 AB: Present A
P39 AB: Absent
P23 AB:Present A
Lyme IGM WB Interp: Positive A
Anyone have any insight?
Thanks so much in advance.

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