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Hi.. I started having unusual symptoms back in 2007. It started with insomnia, dizziness, anxiety and tingling in my back. When I bought it to the dr's attention I was told it was mono. Which I didn't believe could be possible cause people get really sick. He said it was a different strand that he has been seeing so I trusted him. 2008 I started with low back pain traveling heat thru legs to feet it almost felt as if I was standing on a heating pad and an overactive bladder. Overtime it started to get worse and I was told it was anxiety. I became pregnant with my 3rd child and it was a very difficult pregnancy. I was very sick. After I delivered what ever it is that I have must of been laying dormant I was so much worse its alot of flu like symptoms achy body feverish I had left sided numbness heat at times it feels as if my inside is burning and then I can have an ok day then back again. So I went back to the family physician and they did another lyme panel which was negative with a positive # so they did the western blot and it came up as band 41 & 23 Pos. They also did ann ANA which came up pos for lupus and RA. I said to myself how can I have all 3 things and aparently lyme mimics these things I have been to many specialists and they all have there own diagnosis. If I was to accept all there input I would be on so much medication. I have to admit though the doxycycline I felt better after 3 weeks then it came back it only puts it into a dormant stage. Recently I was prescribed 28 days of IV rocephrin after 1 week I was rushed to the ER with blood clotts in my arm, not a good thing!! I'm at a loss on what this could be. Let me know how the IGENEx test work out for you. Good Luck!!

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