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Hi Shonks,
This is my first post. I've read several but never posted myself. When I saw that no one responded to your post I thought I'd chime in. I've just started on Mepron myself (but this is only my second day). I don't have a rash per se but my skin is itchy and I noticed several other posts about Mepron where people were complaining of rashes. One poster said their doctor suggested taking some Benedryl with it (which makes me think some level of reaction is ok).

It's been almost a month since you posted. I'd be curious to hear how things are going now?

I started treatment for lyme 5 months ago and am feeling worse overall than before treatment (lots of new symptoms emerged or worsened which I guess is quite typical). I'm optimistic about the Mepron since its the first thing I've tried that attacks Babesia. I read a very promising post where someone noted that Mepron was the first thing that made them feel better and she's now 99% improved.

Fingers crossed we have that kind of luck for a change...well wishes...

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