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Hi thanks you and yes I know they should not of used steriods - the first week in april they gave her 5 doses, and nothing happened..still had bells palsy, then almost 2weeks later she had an appointment in ottawa and had another 5 doses @ 1000 ml.and nothing happened she didn't have any improvement ..then finally they did an plasma exchange and gradually she started to improve..they have convinced her to try the ms medication and I am not comfortable with this but will allow her to do this for a couple of months if nothing (which I no there will be no improvement) then she will go on antibiotic for lymes through intervenous..before the antibiotic treatment we then however we will head back to our lymes dr for another test and have that sent back to ignex labs.. the first test she had for lymes at that lab did come back with 2 bands positive for infection but she was on antibiotics, and the second test she had , came back negative because of the steriods and the antibiotics because she had had the two in her I knew that test was going to come back negative so that didn't surprise me...taylor has had to date 6 mri. many catscans with the latest mri, showing several lesions have shrunk and at that time with no meds other than an how could ms lesions shrink with no ms medication..I know in my stomach she has lymes ...Im only giving this a couple of months and we will see. It will be a year in september that she has been sick,,Im not letting this happen much longer and the infectious disease drs. are a joke...thank you for your input anymore will be appreciated..

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