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Tick bite question
May 3, 2010
I've noticed 5-6 ticks on myself, my dog and my wife over the last two weeks but haven't found any imbedded. My question is, I found a red bump/rash at the hairline of my 2 year old son yesterday and am worrying myself to death. He plays in a sandbox in our backyard all of the time and I'm worried that we missed a tick and inadvertantly broke its body off with the head still in my son's neck while it was feeding.

The bump was about 75% the size of a dime and had a puss scab over it. I picked the scab off when I was looking at it. Is there a chance that the head of a tick is in there? If there was, would I be able to see it? Finally, the area was significantly swollen. Are these signs of a tick bite and should I be worried?

Worried Dad!

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