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I have been to the regular doctor atleast six times and an ortho twice in the since feb..what started as throbbing pain in both teh legs at the end of the day, has now resulted in not being able to walk continuosly for more than a ten mins..i cannot stand still because of the heavy feeling starting from the thigh to the feet (it is much worse in the lower leg)

The MRI found some fluid in right knee and said nothing to worry about..that was a month back..byt my symptoms have worsened, with me not being able to stand and do the dishes in the kitchen..I also have pain in the fingers, wrist,elbows..but pain in both the legs are the worst..two weeks back, my doc ran some test through a local lab for lyme wb, and just one band came back,he prescirbed doxy for three weeks..after starting on doxy, i am also having ankle pain..i can hardly walk these days..let alone carrying my eighteen months old baby

yesterday, the pain was so bad that i couldnt lift my left leg because of pain in the pelvic area..I have gone through some o fthe posts here, and was wondering if someone here would help me with llmd info near glastonbury or manchester area in connecticut..

as a side note, i used to have rashes and hives real bad since dec through feb, thought it was because of bed bugs..after the exterminators were called in, i dont see the rashes in my me anymore..but i have these horrible horrible leg pain and pain in other area which is so frustrating (not only to me, but also to hubby)..

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