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[B][I]lilbellamia [/I]
I'm 36 I and have to walk around using a cane, and even then its with a very distinct limp. And the cause of it all is Lymes disease (It caused severe - acute arthritis of the spine from L3 through to L8 completely with nerves on the left side of the spine becoming impinged due to the excessive amount of arthritic inflammation caused by Lymes.

It ended up that after over a decade of me telling specialist, family physicians and nearly any else in the medical field that regardless of what they knew, my "Lymes Disease" was still getting worse. It seems that after what had to be many more then just a couple of people like me started showing up with symptoms that mimic'd very closely the damage done by Chronic untreated Lymes disease, Doctors had to go back and rethink what they knew to be absolute indisputable facts. It seems that I had almost the entire list of symptoms for someone who has had active Lymes disease for a fair amount of time (even though all blood test would come up negative for any active Lymes disease pathogens).

It ends up that I'm in a very small percentage of the population of people who, even though they complete the recommended and prescribed series of antibiotics, and come up clean under testing for Lymes, still continue to become more and more ill over time with symptoms that are almost identical to individuals who would be in Stage 3 Lymes disease.

And just think, it only took around 15 years for them to consider the fact that they might not have all the answers when it comes to Lymes Disease.

So yeah, Lymes disease could in some way be causing or at least contributing to what is going on with your feet.

[U][I]Oh and FYI,[/I][/U] - There have been some studies done that hint at the possibility of there being some increased correlation between those with Lymes Disease and people developing painful growths like heel spurs and plantarfasciitis

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