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When I had this happen it was a long time ago, and had what was probably a much more severe reaction then the one you're having. When I got Lymes I ended up in the ER with what I thought was a brain splitting Migraine, which seemed to be making me feel generally crappy to boot.
Well after one likely guess of Lymes (The county in NJ where I used to live was at one time the Lymes capital of the world. To give you an idea....of 5 family members 4 got Lymes, as well as both the family dogs) and some bloodwork verifying it, they essentially just sent me home with a months Antibiotics, and some vicodin for the Headache/neck pain.

The next day though is when it got fun.

At the time I was going to school and working part-time doing retail salesl, and happened to be at work when things got bad. I ended up starting to get little muscle vibrations and twithes in my back, which got worse and worse and eventually ended up turning into severe back spasms to the point that I ended up stuck on the floor behind the counter at work unable to move, and waiting for an ambulance to show up.

Essentially I ended up having to stay in the ER overnight suffering from what they described as acute muscle spasms, instigated by Lymes .The back spasms were to the point that you could actually visibly see where the knotted up muscles were by the sort of raised bumps/mound that they caused. To give you an idea, when you're swimming, it feels like that foot/toe cramp you get that causes your big toe to curl under, and foot to hurt like hell. You get that same sorta unholy pain, but spread out everywhere.

Beyond that I really cant tell you anything else that happened afterward, because they ended up shooting me up with 2 or 3 injections of what I'm assuming was Valium, muscle relaxers, and some anti-inflammatory of some sort.

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