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I had a bite on my arm a few weeks ago, inside the fold of the elbow. A rash developed and got worse. It was itchy too. It was round and then one spot started to spread out from it. After a week, I saw a doctor and he put me on an antibiotic for two weeks and said, nope, not lyme. My question is this, is every rash a bulleye? Should I be tested? I have been before and it was negative, but I think more and more I have something brewing. Lots of joint pain, asthma, sinus issues and headaches.

Any help would be appreciated. OH, I live in an area where ticks are all over and I have been bitten in the past.
Wow, so much to think about. I guess it would make sense for me to bite the bullet and see someone who is a specialist. The rash really was weird. Itchy too, so I didn't think it was lyme and then the odd spreading, so I thought maybe a spider bite. I just wish it was less expensive.

Thank you for your help too.

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