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[COLOR="Purple"]Tmrots....Jen is correct about the testing. Lyme test, are not always accurate. Some of the reasons why are. there are 300-400 different strains. And labs do not test for all of them.

The Lyme bacteria does not like oxygen. So in most cases imbeds in muscle, organs, bone...anywhere besides the blood stream.

Yes Lyme testing is very expensive. And I myself have gone through Ignex TWICE and did not get a true positive.

I had bands pull up but did not understand that even ONE band can mean a positive.

From where I have been with this disease. I would truly spend the money to see a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor. Talk with him/her and let them help evaluate the situation.
Just say, you do have lyme and only did 2 weeks of antibiotics. And on down the road you turn chronic like many of us. The chances of losing your job, home, family/friends. Savings account and so forth is a reality. Cause when it gets chronic then you have to be on eons of years of medications.
And when you can't walk, talk or use your arms, or maybe lose your mental. Then everything in your life just crumbles away.

IF you have lyme you truly need a LLMD, a specialist in Lyme. General Practioners do not know how to treat this condition.

Just to throw this out there. Do you understand that Lyme bacteria is in the Syphilis family?

Good luck to you!


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