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Re: Positive bands
Jun 13, 2010
the western blot bands show up on 2 diff areas of your lyme test. IGM and IGG. IGM shows a current infection, IGG shows exposure- like after you get a vaccine or after your body has created antibodies against a bacteria.

ANA is a test for Lupus, an autoimmune disease. But I have read depending, that it can cross react and make your lyme tests positive (usually the Elisa test- not the western blot i spoke of above).

What is your sed rate- did they do a c-reactive protien on you?? Get copies of your results. The bands you show are lyme specific on your test results BUT if its IGG, or you have already been treated for lyme, it can just show proof you had that infection in your past, and not currently.

The bands you show- are lyme specific except for the 41, the 41 is an immune response to the flagellan (tail) of bacteria and can also be present on its own in periodontal diseases/gingivitis among many other bacteria. The 23 and 31 are soly lyme specific and show you have exposure or lyme or in the past if its in your IGG part of the test.

If you are brewing an autoimmune disease, such as lupus, or RA, etc, your esr (sed rate) will increase showing inflammation in the body. A positive ANA I was told by a rheumatologist is not that easy to come by in bloodwork- I have heard lupus is hard to diagnose, unless they are biopsying a rash etc. Get your results, post them, sched an appt w a rheumatologist to start. What is your history with lyme disease? Ever had it? were already treated for it?

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