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[COLOR="Purple"]Beings I didn't have any knowledge about lyme. And no doctor would listen to me. OR just plained ignored what I was saying. I finally found a doctor that dealt in Chronic Illnesses. He listened to my story and said....Sounds like you have Lyme. :eek:

He said I looked like something the cat drug was under 100 pounds and was wearing neck braces, wrist braces. Could hardly get myself around. Night sweats, nightmares, parinoa, anxiety, suicidal, hurt every inch of my body. Hallucinations, throwing up, couldn't eat, you name it I was doing it...

I searched for answers for about 15 years (give or take a few years) before I ran across this doctor. I was told I had everything under the sun. It was just insane. I had physological testing saw shrinks...oh it was just nuts.

So the doc I finally found started treating me with anitbiotics. My body rejected them all. Then I do believe we started with smaller doses after about a year...Then finally he had me on a picc line for almost a year. I also had inhome health care nurses.
Went to ER many times causes of the pain and the craziness I was going through. Almost sent off to the mental ward.

I have been on all types of antibiotics, different protocols. Massage, chiropractic, herbal, supplements of all kinds. 2 years ago sent off for a infared sauna.

Anyway after this one life saver of a doctor he retired and I found another that is a specialist in bacterias and viruses. He also does studies at Stanford. I have been under his care now for about 7-8 years. And different antibiotics. And now I am off for about 3 or 4 months. Am taking tons of supplements to keep my immune system up. And am on a antiviral.
Thyroid meds.

This is the short versioin of my story.

I am now working part time. Enjoying life again. And counting my blessings always.

I have to get my rest or I am no good to anyone. :) But sure beats where I have been!

I was tested twice through Igenex never got a positive. But back when I was being tested, this is when if you didn't have a certain amount of bands then you were negative.
I always had some bands pull up just not the right amount of them.

Had western blots done through other labs, and Elisa and Lauat.

This is the reason why it is soooo important to find a doctor that will treat just on symptoms.

I had hiatial hernias and the balance problem, lost the use of my arms and legs for a while and you name it I had it. I still to this day have something between my scalp and skull. And to this day no one knows what it is. Water? Blood? shoot who knows.
I also have severe ringing in my ears. Which I think I will have to deal with the rest of my life. ....

Both still minor for what I have been through. When I had doctors tell me well you need to learn to live with what you have....I got mad and kept looking for those answers. How dare they!



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