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About 2 weeks ago I got bitten a lot by insects. I'm living in Southern Germany.

I didn't see what bit me, I just saw the effects of the bites afterwards. I did see a lot of mosquitoes in the air, and we also saw some ticks.

Most of these bites swelled up and became very itchy like classic mosquito bites. But there is one on my underarm near my armpit that is now about 2 inches in diameter, and is a red dot with a red swollen ring around it (the bullseye). There is also a bite somewhere else that I got 3 weeks ago, that had almost completely disappeared, and then this morning it suddenly has a red ring growing around it as well (but this is smaller).

Apart from that, I've been suddenly really drowsy the past few days (and this is unlike me, as I'm an insomniac). I just had to go to bed early last night because I felt so drained, and then I slept for a long time, but after only 2 hours awake today I feel really sleepy and devoid of energy again.

Do you think this might just be a mosquito bite that my body has reacted strongly to, and the lethargy/tiredness might be unrelated; or do you think I should go to the doctor?

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