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Thursday evening my husband pulled a slightly engorged tick off of my son. Saturday morning he woke with a terrible headache and fever of 101. I gave him ibuprofen and brought him to the doctor. The spot where the bite was was red but not a bullseye. They put him on 400mg of amoxicillan 2x a day for two weeks just in case. Since then, he has had a low grade fever and developed a cough, congestion, sore throat, and has become very hoarse. Also, he is not acting himself, more so than other times when he is sick, just odd. I saw the nurse practitioner but spoke with his pediatrician last night. He said that if he has Lyme or strep, the antibiotics should clear it up. My husband has terrible allergies right now so it could be a combo of allergies and a virus too. The doctor seems to think it is just a virus. I tend to think it is a little too coincidental. I suppose if my younger one gets sick. I will know it was not lyme but something contagious. He goes back in two weeks after taking the antibiotics.

Any opionions or input would be appreciated. I am worried about this.

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