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This is my first post here in the LD Board. Quick background is for my
now 6yo daughter. Three years ago I found a nymph on the back of her knee. I took the tick into the pediatricians office only to receive a phone call telling me they did not test it b/c "nymphs don't carry lyme". I questioned where they had learned that b/c my sources said differently. Of course the Dr told me I shouldn't believe everything on the internet.

My DD had/has knee pains on and off and I was always given the infamous answer of "they are growing pains". Her pain radiates from her knee down across the top of her shin area. Initially it seemed to be one knee, but more recently the pain alternates. This past winter, her knees her hurt every other week I was going through pain medicine like no tomorrow. I am a fairly all-natural homeopathic person, so it was bothering me to give her so much medicine. I finally took her to an orthopedist in the beginning of May who diagnosed her with "runners knee" b/c her knees tend to hurt when she is active..running, jumping, skipping. Although she was not that active in the winter b/c we live in cold NY and even as I am posting this tonight, her knee hurts with no excessive activity today.

Last week she compained of a headache twice in 4 days, whcih is extremely unusual for her. I can't remember her ever telling me she had a headache. Then I ran into a friend whose son was Dx'd last year with Lyme and now his knees hurt him too. Always at night and he cries...exactly like my DD.

So it got me thinking all the way back to that darn nymph they never tested! I called the orthopedist and he was very willing to order a lyme test, but only wrote a script for titer. So my initial question here is should I ask for a Western Blot as well? I only want to have blood drawn once for my DD, but not sure if it will make a difference or not since most likely it would be an old infection.

I feel for my DD who has had these pains for literally 1/2 of her life. I want to try to get to the bottom of this so she can lead a normal active life while she is a child and have fun like she is supposed to be doing. It makes me sad.

Thank you for your replies in advance.
[COLOR="Purple"]It would be a good idea that your next doctor to be one that specializes in tick diseases. He was so wrong about the nymph. So that being said you need a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.

I also get ahold of Igenex Lab and talk to them about ordering a test kit for your daughter.

Then have the doctor sign for it.

Yes there is a huge possiblity that she has lyme and some of the other infectioins they carry.

I wish you luck!


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