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Re: Doc thinks lyme
Jun 26, 2010
Thanks for responding. As for the fibro diagnosis that was 20 years ago so not sure it could be wrong. These other symptoms are different. I moved 4 years ago to an area that really seems to be infested with ticks. I can't even count how many I have pulled out of my son. We also have 3 dogs and even though they are on a flea and tick med - the ticks have to bite them do die and so I have also taken live crawling deer ticks off of them more times than I can count and was bitten once that I know of last year doing this - it didn't attach to me just bit my finger so if I have lyme I know it's not from that one but they are so tiny I could have had one and never known it I guess. There are also deer everywhere around here!! They are not even afraid of us they just wander through the yards like they own the place and my next door neighbor (who has a few screws loose anyway) actually feeds them! This is after her daughter was diagnosed. It makes me so angry but she won't stop so they just keep coming. So anyway for a while now I keep getting really high fevers, swollen lymph nodes all over, migrating joint pain, rashes, dizzines and some wierd neurological things. I would prefer to wait for the bloodwork but now everything I'm reading says it's not reliable anyway unless you use Igenex which I don't think I can afford right now.

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