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Hey LaLa, I'm not sure 100% I have Lyme, one of the major bands came back positive, but my doc thinks that is a false reading. I'm on the fence on the Igenex testing, I've been contemplating it myself. You say you have head buzzing, I have that too although I don't consider it one of my major symptoms. I'm not sure if I've been tested for Syphilis, but I've been with my wife for 5 years, so I highly doubt it, plus I just had 2 kids and I believe my wife was tested both times. I'm not sure you would be scared about that though, any diagnosis is better than no diagnosis I would think. My fear is that I will never feel normal again. What are your other symptoms? One thing that I feel is important is knowing your symptoms and really being able to describe them. This goes a long way with the doctors.

Here is how I would describe mine.

- Shortness of breath - I feel like I can't get a deep breath, which causes me to panic and get dizzy. Air hunger. Not constant, comes and goes probably 1-5 times a day in varying degree. Caffeine and Alcohol are triggers.

- Chest tightness - I can feel my muscles ate extremely tense. I actually feel a squeezing pressure in the upper/middle part of my back. Again it varies in degree from almost non existent to moderate pain. Not sharp.

Neck Tension- Can almost constantly crack my neck. I occasionally catch myself non consciously tensing these muscles. Makes me lightheaded sometimes and makes my neck and head tingle. Almost like a buzzing under the skin.

Dizziness- A lightheaded feeling which is almost always there excluding the 30 minutes or so after I wake up. Again varies in degree from moderately annoying to confusion/disorientation and the need to sit down.

Heart Palpitations- Come and go. I get them out of the blue and once I have one I will likely have 2-5 more in somewhat close succession.

Groin Pain - Comes and goes it's worse at night and if I've been on my feet all day. Mild to moderate achy pain.

Those are my major symptoms although they vary, I am seeing an allergist next week, bc they think this all might be from my move south. I'm originally from upstate NY where the allergies aren't bad and here in Knoxville they are a nightmare.

Tell me more about you and maybe I can help. I've had a million tests done now.

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