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Started just after christmas.. my whole entire body felt numb/thick ..if I scratched a part of my body it felt like I had to scratch really hard just to be able to feel it. It also felt like my coordination was off. This lasted about an hour.

Next day I woke up feeling like I had the flu (exhuastion, nausea, shakiness etc) -- Had heart palpitations and a feeling of extreme tightness in my stomache.

-- I then started feeling random muscle twitches in my body and once in a while I would feel an internal tremor like feeling.

Had this "flu" for about 2 weeks.. went back to work
-- Things started to look weird my vision was blurry, parts of my vision seemed like it was blocked out so if I looked at someone part of their face would seem like it was blocked out or was weird.
-- I then noticed that things sounded louder than usual.

-- about 3 weeks later I developed tinnitus in both ears constantly
-- Huge amount of pressure in my head and ears that comes and goes.
--Headaches at times it felt like I coudnt hold my head up because my neck was too weak.
--Sensitivity to light that comes and goes
--VERTIGO--HUGE symptom I always feel dizzy with some vertigo.

--every once in a while I will have an area on my body that kind of tingles for a few seconds then stops (on the top of my foot, or on my face by my lip and other various places).

--Other sympoms are

Motion sensitivity that comes and goes
Weight loss (lost 45 lbs since christmas)
Stress increases symptoms
Huge increase in eye floaters
if I look at a reflection from a car or something it takes a long time for my eyes to go back to normal
--Irritable bowels seem to have alot of diarrhea
--Extreme pain behind eyes (hurts to move them) this comes and goes also
--A few times when blinking it seems like there are flashing lights in my periphereal vision
--sore throat that comes and goes and the feeling of getting a cold but it only lasts a day
--Extreme neck pain/stiffness that comes and goes

Anyway...does this sound like Lyme? I had a positive IgM but a negative IgG so my doctor is not convinced... HELP

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