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hello there,

the most important bands are the 23-25, 31, 34, 39, 41, 83-93. BUT Igenex even says that if even ONE of the ** bands are positive you should be retested in 4-6 weeks. a test that i have found useful, although under debate, has been the CD57 blood test. it is typical for someone who has late stages of lyme to have a low CD57 count. the LLMD will want to see you around 200 or so. one good thing is you can test at the beginning of treatment and then again later down the road to see how far you've come and whether or not the treatment appears to be working. my first test was at a 54 and i just took another one a few days ago. so, i'm still waiting for results. i've been on oral antibiotics for almost a year now. if the numbers don't improve it looks like a PICC line might be in order. i've gone undiagnosed for over 7 years. so, keep up with your LLMD and best wishes to you. :) heather

p.s. sorry i just saw you had the CD57 done. i need to read better before replying. LOL

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