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.....It may be helpful to tell us how long you have had these symptoms, whether you remember a bite and if you have been tested for Lyme at a reputable Lyme Lab.

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I should have stated at the beginning, that yes, I do/did have Lyme disease, I was tested positive for it back when I was 21, which was about 15 years ago. I was treated with the normal regiment of antibiotics over a month, and then again supplementaly a couple other times with the typical monthly antibiotic regiment. The problem is that I seem to be one of those small percentage of people that even when treated still have the symptoms/effects of Lyme to continue to progress. For example, when I was 28 I had an MRI of my knee done that showed arthritis, but it was mild, and was the only real symptom that I had. Now jump forward another 5 years or so, and I started having difficulty with my hips and my neck, and my right arm which turned out to be an issue with a bulging disc and bone spurs in my neck, and moderate arthritis in my hips. Go forward another 2-3 years, and I'm at the point I am now, with arthritis pretty much everywhere, with other problems which all seem to be inflamed and worsened because of the body-wide pain that I'm going through now. Essentially within a 15 year period after contracting and being treated for Lyme (They did several tests showing that yes I had it, and yes it was treated, and no longer active) I went from having just some slight irritations to the point where I'm at now which is almost that of an invalid.

The worse thing about all this isnt the disease, or whats happened to me, its that NO ONE has any definite idea as to if this is from Lyme disease or not. You get one doctor (with a number of healthy treated patients) saying there are no long term effects from Lymes if treated. Then you get another doctor, with a bunch of patients like myself, saying there are long term effects from Lyme Disease. So you have two different groups, and no one sure (especially if you're applying for disability) who is right, and who should be listened to.

[b][u]*Side note here*[/u][/b]

When I went to apply for disability the first time (before I got the MRI and work up from another Dr.) I was told I had Fibromyalgia and that all the pain I was going through was all in my head, and I should go see a psychologist. This is the kind of crap you go through, with Dr employed by the government to sit in on disability cases who in my case, where so old (There were two, and both had to be in their late 60's early 70's) and out of touch with current medicine that most everything they were saying was theory and treatment of illness, and ailments that currently was thought to be absolutely wrong. Not to mention that they cant even read a medical guy said I should go to rehab because of the 80x 40mg Oxycontin that I was taking a week. No freaking clue where he got that seeing as I was taking 2x to 3x(if needed) 40mg a day, meaning between 14-21 pills a week (which turned out to be around 15-18 in actuality). Anyway because of this moron I had to go see a psychologist about addiction, who after about 20 minutes basically said, I dont understand, why are you here? I told him, and he just shook his head in disbelief, signed off on some paper as to me being there, and actually apologized and said something about he was sorry and I never should have been sent to him......which kind of threw me, considering he was apologizing to me, while he was the only one that seemed to know what the hell he was doing. This is just a little warning for those that may be applying for disability about the idiocy of it all. Expect a lot of stupidity and bureaucracy ,something that seems to be the norm for anything governmental.

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