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I will tell you more about my story, Please bare with me, it's a long one!

It started in March this year, I started noticing that I was feeling very tired, finding it hard to concentrate, and every morning when I woke up my legs were often quite stiff, I would lie there and stretch every morning before I could get out of bed, it sounds funny now but I thought it was just signs of getting old.

Then I noticed my back and neck would get very stiff towards the end of the working day, I started to get nerve pain in my back, into my shoulder, underarm and down my left arm, I honestly thought I had a trapped nerve. I started itching on my back, neck, chest and face, especially my nose. Then came this weird burning sensation, first time on my cheeks, then it appeared on my neck and back, used to last for a few seconds then completely disappear. I went to my doctor at the beginning of April with these symptoms, though at the time I didn't even feel they were related to one another.

My Gp told me I had a trapped nerve and to rest, and the itching and burning was probably an allergy. As there was no rash or anything, he didn't know what was causing it, but prescribed me some steroids. This was a real turning point for me.

I started the steroids that night, and for 3 further days, until one night The itching and back and arm pain went into overdrive, I started having palpitations, chest pains, hot sweats, chills, burning sensations all over my body, stiffness, and panic attacks. At this point I was rushed to A&E (suspected heart attack). Had an ECG which was normal, blood tests, and xray's, all came back perfectly normal. I was so relieved, but then suddenly struck with the feeling of fear, because something had to be causing these symptoms.They sent me home, and suggested I go back to my GP for further investigation.

Went back to the Gp next morning, and explained the symptoms, and my left arm at the time was completely numb. She suggested Lyme Disease, but she thought it was unlikely as i did not have a rash, she ordered the test just to be on the safe side along with a bunch of other tests. I went straight to the hospital that afternoon to get the tests done, then when I got home I googled Lyme disease, as before this GP visit I had never even heard of Lyme. I was shocked when I read about the disease, the symptoms were very similar, I was so relieved as I thought I would get the test results, and if positive I would get a round of antibiotics and all would be sorted! (If only I knew then what I know now). The test for Lyme came back negative, so the possible diagnosis was dismissed by myself and the GP.

The symptoms continued to increase, I would get aching joints, sore throats, bruises everywhere, weight loss, cold wet sensations on my legs, sore spots, band sensations around my head, hair loss, constant stuffy nose, swollen neck glands, pins and needles, numb fingers, numb toes, stabbing pains, weakness in my legs, jelly legs, sore soles, twitching legs, feet, hands, head, lips and eyelids, breast and rib pain, eye pain, gritty eyes, swollen eyelids, vertigo, off balance feeling, ringing in my ears, tooth and gum pain, uneven pupil size, cracking joints, cramps, tremors, breathlessness, electric shock sensations. These are to name but a few, when I went to the clinic on Friday I had a list of 73 symptoms!

As my symptoms started increasing, i went from specialist to specialist to find answers, I've been tested for Brain Tumors, Lung cancer, Breast Cancer, MS, Lupus, Fibro, ME, and loads of other stuff I cannot even pronounce. Every consultant I have ever seen, have blamed most of my symptoms on stress/anxiety and have all suggested I am simply depressed. I have always felt so strongly that it was not all in my head, and to be honest, it was all the doctors and the complete fear of not knowing what happening to me that made me deteriorate at a very rapid rate. I decided to abandon the diagnostic path for a while and get some rest, and clarity in my head about my situation. I started to feel better within myself and stronger, even though I still had symptoms. I started researching on the internet, and all my symptoms kept bringing up Lyme. I went to a private GP, who was sympathetic but did not know what was wrong with me, but agreed to get me another Lyme test done, this to came back negative, I was devastated.

After much more research I realized, the only way I would ever find out if I have Lyme or not is to see an LLMD, which is when I discovered the clinic. No one else I have seen has ever come up with any form of a diagnosis or even cared, so I fear that the clinic for me is like a last chance saloon. After going there on Friday, it was such a relief that the Dr actually listened to me, took me seriously, and gave a thorough examination. The Anxiety theory was not even mentioned much to my relief.

So here I am awaiting my results, could be up to 4 weeks, seems like 4 years! I hope this helps you understand my journey so far, and perhaps you can compare symptoms, though not everyone has the same things going on.

I hope your feeling better soon

Best wishes

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