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Hi Fanderella

I'm not doing too bad thank you, I have to say I don't feel much different since starting treatment, not better or worse, but still symptomatic all the same! I keep thinking that at some point I will have to crash and experience the big herx, so a bit scary.

You asked previously about how long does Lyme take to treat. Well of course this is a very difficult question to answer, as everyone is so different. I guess it depends on length of infection, your immune system, symptoms and which co infections you may or may not have. What medication works for some may not work for others, there is just no black & white with Lyme. All I know is that Chronic Lyme is very difficult to treat, and can take years for some. It is very daunting but we need to stay positive, and do the best we can to fully recover. I guess patience is key.

Hope your doing ok at the moment, I know waiting for the results is very frustrating, I used to wait by the letter box in anticipation every morning by the 3rd week, mine took about 4 weeks to arrive in the end so i'm sure yours will arrive soon, try not to worry. Do you have your follow up appointment booked in yet?

Its very cold here too, I am from Brentwood in Essex, I think they have forecast snow for this week coming, but you never know. My son wishes for snow even in the summer!

What specialist are you seeing regarding your toes? That is definitely a Lyme symptom, I have stabbing pains and soreness in both my big toes, and sometimes they look swollen too.

Best of luck with your tests, I hope they arrive for you soon,

Cant wait to hear your news, best wishes


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