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hello again

can i ask if you were not treated cos the tests were negative so far? i am not sure if i mentioned it but my first two tests (elisa) were negative, and when i went to abroad to see my family the doc (internist) i saw ordered both tests, elisa and western blot, and this is when the elisa test showed positive and western blot borderline positive.

Instead of relying on these tests my gp ordered a repeat test two weeks later (another wait) and then as the test results were delayed by another 10 days (another wait), i finally got antibiotics about 4-5 weeks after the test done abroad. both tests are inconclusive (weakly positive) if you go by pure interpretation of having to have several bands but with the symptoms there is more than strong evidence that i have lyme disease.

what else? i am only going to see neurologist to check some of my neurological symptoms and to find if there is any medication or treatment (i was told that MRI scan for brain did not show any abnormalities which is a relief but did not get any other diagnosis).

might be worth comparing our symptoms maybe (i think i listed 30 symptoms the other day that were spread over 4 months, some recurring but one of the two most worrying ones to me are muscle twitching at rest and at night, and stabbing pain in my toes that wake me up at night as very painful)

spoke to my brother in the US who is going to try and find a lyme specialist to get some help as more prevalent over there but might take some time to get a name. cant see myself flying over for treatment but if worst come to worst.

cant think of anything else right now so just wait till i get any replies.

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