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Please help me.
Aug 17, 2010
Hi everyone.

My name is Caite, I am 22 years old, married, with a beautiful 2 year old son. I was diagnosed in February of this year with late stage lyme disease. I am seeing a doctor close to me in Virginia, who is scattered, forgets what medicine I am on and won't get off the fact I'm a little chunky.

I have severe sweating, I am thirsty all the time, depression, anxiety, extreme pain in my hands, joint stiffness and pain in my ankles and knees. My neck bothers me all the time, I have severe ringing in my ears, really painful migraines, and my newest and most frightening symptom is blurriness in my eyes and issues with brightness. I also have severe windpipe "tightening" sometimes, and my heart is now skipping beats sometimes.

My doctor told me that I have had lyme for at least 4 years. I had band p 23 show up on my tests and it showed that I was excruciatingly low in vitamin D. I don't have the rest of my tests with me at the moment to tell you the rest. So far, I have spent 20000 on just bloodwork trying to figure out what is wrong.

This doctor has helped some, but since February, I have been on four different antibiotics, switching them as my face went numb, the pain became unbearable (oh and he refuses any pain meds, even motrin), or my anxiety became so extreme I could not sleep.

I need a lyme literate doctor that actually accepts insurance. I called a prominent doc in DC and they told me it would be 1000 for the first visit, plus 100 per prescription written.

I have read about using multiple antibiotics together, none of which my doc wants to hear.

If you could PLEASE help me find a doctor and possibly an ophthalmologist, I would be eternally grateful! I am willing to travel to Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, NC, Virginia. Just please help me!!!!!!

Also? Has anyone heard about using teasel root?

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