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Hello there,

I'm writing in the hope someone can give me some advice. I've just started taking doxycycline for suspected Lyme, and, after a quick look round on the Internet (I was actually checking whether I could keep up my normal coffee intake with the tablets!), I am concerned that my dosage is not high enough, and that I may be at risk of problems in the future.

I have been prescribed 1x 100mg doxycycline per day, for 14 days. I saw the doctor on Monday, and blood test results will come back in 2 weeks, but she put me on antibiotics on the basis of the ME rash that I was presenting, on the side of my leg.

The rash is incredibly faded now, but began almost 7 weeks ago, all red, raised, hot, and about 4 inches across. This was precisely one week after the first and only tick bite I've had in my life. I didnít take any action then, or in the following weeks, as it came one week after a huge allergic reaction to mosquito bites (139 of them!), so I assumed my body was just still a bit hypersensitive to bites (the residual marks from those mosquito swellings Ė which had also been hot, raised, and about 6inches across - were taking a long time to disappear too). Of course, the mosquito reactions were intensely itchy, whereas this new rash was not at all.

Over time, the rash spread (with a 1-2cm red edge, and skin coloured centre) to where it is now, I guess 9 or 10 inches. It's not perfectly circular; it has stretched up and down my leg from my knee, and one part has wrapped right around the back of my leg and onto the other side. I couldn't say when the rash began to fade, but I've been watching it closely now for 4 days (since I became aware of the possibility of Lyme); it fades more each day and is really almost gone. By Sunday, which will be 8 weeks after the bite, I wouldn't be surprised if it has completely disappeared. I have no photos, but I could try to take one now I suppose.

One other point to note - I was bitten in Switzerland, in an area where Lyme is rife (I now discover... typical that). 50% of ticks supposedly carry the bacteria, if you believe what you read on the Internet. I'm a science journalist, so I tend not to, but I do believe the Lyme problem is serious in Switzerland. Although I was bitten in Switzerland, I visited my GP in England.

From what I can see on the Internet, people taking doxycycline for early stage Lyme have been prescribed 200mg per day, for 10-21 days. Including people at a much earlier stage than me - 2 weeks after a bite. I'm concerned what I've been given might not be enough to nip this in the bud.

So far, I hadn't really been exhibiting any symptoms other than the rash. Over the last week, I had unusual incidences of nausea/tiredness and suddenly needing to lie down (which, as a healthy 28 year old female, is out of character), but this was only once or twice. Last night, I woke up with the joints in my hands feeling very painful, but I do occasionally suffer from this anyway (perhaps once or twice a year I will take painkillers for it).

OK, that's all the information I have. I'd really appreciate some advice or reassurance about the dosage of antibiotics I've been given.

Thank you!

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