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Hi everyone... on Wednesday night, my husband and I took our dog and 2 year old for a walk around the neighborhood and I remember walking through a wooded sidewalk area where I must have picked up this tick I assume. I noticed a small, and I mean TINY dot on my upper thigh but just blew it off thinking it was a freckle or something. Well finally yesterday evening, I felt it and noticed it was raised and pulled it out and it was the tiniest tick I have ever seen. It was dark reddish brown, flat, and dead. I am of course freaking out today b/c I'm 23 weeks pregnant. When I pulled it out, of course it left a tiny bite and it was itchy. This morning I see the bite and it's red and slightly raised. I kind of think it is raised from me scratching it all night but I don't see any bullseye or have other symptoms. I do know symptoms can show up later, however.

Luckily, I have my regular OB checkup today anyway so I will be sure to mention it to her but just wanted others thoughts on this since I've managed to stress myself out a lot this morning.

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