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Hi there,
First off, I am a 24 year old male and I've been getting some really odd symptoms. All of this started two months ago. It all started after a day spent in my wooded backyard. So I'll start with that...

-constant lightheadedness for 2 months
-off and on minor sore throat
-initial bowl problems that last about 2 weeks then slowly went away
-somewhat irregular bowel movements
-burning forearms. By this I mean that I frequently look down at my forearms fully expecting a huge rash only to see normal skin.
-dry mouth/lips
-weight loss. I was at about 200 then dipped to 188. I have now settled at about 190.
-frequently waking up during the night and feeling tired and exhausted throughout the day.
-pains under arm pits and high groin area. I was worried I had swollen lymph nodes so I saw a doctor and upon inspection he said everything felt fine.
-low body temperature. Usually around 96.8-97.8. I m a person that stay around 98.6.
-the other day I thought for sure I had a bad fever only to find out it was about 97.0.
-bad memory and sudden laziness at work. I just don't feel like doing anything.
-Weird forehead feeling. My girlfriend said my forehead looked really oil, but in fact it is really dry. Feels weird too.
-Random on and off dry cough. It seems to get worse at night.
-decreased appetite at times.
-intolerance to alcohol. I had one beer the other night and woke up the next morning feeling terrible.
-canker sore in upper gums above teeth. (is gone now)
-mild intermittent headaches

I've had my blood tested numerous times only to come to find out that everything is fine. I have also tested negative for lyme, hiv, and tested fine with the thyroid.

My first instincts were between diabetes, lyme and thyroid problem based on my symptoms. I had just a normal blood test done for lyme and my doctor said it was fine. After doing some research though, I have come to find that this might not be entirely true. About a week before I had my lyme test done I had been on antibiotics for strep throat for a 10 day cycle and a 5 day cycle for uti. So that is 15 days worth of antibiotics before my lyme test. (I had no symptoms of strep throat or uti but was told that's what I had)

Out of all of the symptoms I have experienced the weight loss and lightheadedness are the most troublesome. The burning forearms has also come to be annoying. I have had no rash that I can remember. I've been trying to think back to two months ago when I was in my backyard to remember if I had gotten bitten but I can't remember. I do remember that it was more buggy than usual out there and I do remember getting some bug bites, I just don't know if there was a tick bite or not.

I should also add that I've had OCD through the roof during this entire time and my stress level is varied from day to day as a result. It almost just seems like every single day is different. For a time it was the sore throat, then the cough, then one night I lost my voice, now the cough is back. It's just really weird.

If anybody has any insight or ideas I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

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