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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi Kw, sorry it took a couple days to get back to you.

YES I have seen some improvment. The arteries on the right side of my head were soooo hard. My doc has me on nitrocylcerin patches, antivirals, and I on my own am taking Serrapeptase. You can find that at a health food store. Anything that helps clean out the arteries. I do not feel like I have a giant hand on the right side of my head sqeezing anymore.

My doc whom is a researcher/specialist in the conditions that your wife and I have. Says that bacteria LOVES the arteries. And so do viruses. These critters don't just stay in one place in the body. The do go all over.

Also testing for lyme is NOT accurate. There are many reasons why. She "can" have lyme and still test negative. Some say even one band is a positive.

Hope she can find some help soon!


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