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I was tested for Lyme disease by a neurologist who soon after left my insurance group. So I saw my primary care physician to go over the results, and he told me everything looked normal. However, when I left the office, I saw my results were definitely not normal.

Until I get an appointment with a Lyme literate MD, I need help with these results!

On the Western Blot test, I tested "reactive" to the 41 KD (IGM) band, and also "reactive" to the 41 KD (IGG) band.

I was "nonreactive" to all the other bands (93, 66, 58, 45), (39, 30, 28) and (23 18).

I know that band 41 typically is the first band to show up, and that to be positive for Lyme, you need to have 2 of these 3 bands: 23, 39, 41..... or you need to have 5 of the following: 18, 21, 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, and 93. So my test doesn't show I actually have Lyme's disease, I guess.

However, I am producing anibodies against SOMETHING unusual. What?

I read that a person can have a false positive to Lyme due to the following: periodontal disease, syphyllis, HIV, Mononucleosis/EBV, rheumatoid arthritus, lupus, or diseases caused by spirochetes.

Turns out my test showed I tested positive for Epstein Bar Virus, a surprise to me.

So the Epstein Bar Virus caused me to produce antibodies that caused a false lyme positive on the 41 KD band???

I've also read about people with Lyme disease having such a compromised immune system that it easily allowed for opportunistic EBV to take hold and invade as well. Ha ha, the chicken and egg dilemma, which came first?

Anyone with experience with EBV and Lyme?

Also, I must also add that I got severe adrenal fatigue in spring 09 (low cortisol, low DHEA, low blood pressure), and thought I was possibly bitten by a tick in the summer of 08. Severe adrenal fatigue has a plethora of overlapping Lyme symptoms, and I had to quit working because I was bed ridden, then couch ridden. Still not working, in too much pain.

As I recently lost my insurance, don't drive, don't have a primary care dr. anymore, and am not sure when I can get to a lyme literate doctor, I would sincerely appreciate some insight.
[QUOTE=jojo;4334701][COLOR="Purple"]Antivirals such as Valtrex, Valcyte and others. Helps keep the viruses in remission. Yes a big portion of the population test positive for these viruses. But this does not mean they don't harm the body/brain.
There is a Doctor in Michigan that is a big wig on these herpe viruses.
There is litature on herpe viruses. And I am not just speaking of the sexual type. There a tons of herpe viruses. Such as Epstein Barr and Cytomeglovirus. We can put them into remission with them becoming active on a off. I had doctors tell me that they were "nothing" to worry about 30 some years ago when I started displaying symptoms. What a bunch of crock.

Viruses can and do cause heart problems, M.S., Chronic Fatigue, encephalitis, ect ect.

It would do you good to sit and read up on the symptoms of these viruses.

I have swelling between my scalp and skull. It has been there for about 11 years now. I haven't a clue what it is. It use to cause me to be way mentally off. The vessels in my head clogged up. So bad that I would have to go to the ER for shots to calm me down.
(Long story)
But I suggested to the Doctor/Specialise that I see now, what about antivirals. Within a year I started seeing some improvment. Now when I do too much it causes sore thoarts, weak mussels. brain doesn't work, my lungs get to where I have a hard time breathing... So what is it....

Lyme, EBV,CMV, or any other of the critters I have accumilated over the years.

Moral of the story....
For any of these you need a specialist in bacterias/viruses. The run of the mill every day doctor will tell you that none of these cause your symptoms.

Be smart and do research, from where you are sitting you can become your own advocate. Knowledge is power. And will help you to find the right doctor. That will not brush off your symptoms as being mental. :) OR if you are mental what is causing it...
You should also be tested for Heavy Metal Poisoning. I learned a year ago that I have lead posioning....ahhhh what a little pandora's box our bodies are...



My wife is suffering from similar symptoms - enlarged veins along the side of her forehead; along with vein like blotching along the forehead. She also get these tremendous pains at the base of her head. Not sure exactly what is going on. Thought it might be Lyme, but there's nothing positive there.

Getting back to the vein issue on the head - are you still suffering from this condition; or did the antivirals calm it down?

Thxs - Ken B.

BTW: Igenix testing came back with + on band 41 (IgG) and Indef on Bands 31 & 41 (IgM). Wife has been tested for EBV, CMV, MycoPlasma AB Basesia Ducani (WA1) which all showed up positive in the IgG; and Negitage in the IgM.

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