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Mar 3, 2010
hello, my name is shae. i'm 18 years old and i'm from b.c, canada.

i became ill 6 months ago. september 19th, 2009 to be exact. i have since been diagnosed with pneumonia, hypothyroidism, b12 deficiency, mono, and depression. i haven't improved at all and my doctor keeps telling me it's "just the mono." well today my mom read an article in the newspaper about two teenagers from my area who both were diagnosed with mono and told to wait it out a year. after a year they weren't better and were diagnosed with several other illnesses. they soon found out they had lyme disease. the symptoms described in the article match mine almost identically.

so i started researching this afternoon and became really scared from what i read. my symptoms match lyme disease almost perfectly, down to a ring type rash on my leg i had a few months ago. so i called my doctor to tell him what i had read, and he responded shortly with "well there's no cure or treatment so is there really a big rush to test you?" i was left speechless. he asked "have you SKINNED a DEER lately?" i responded no. "well do you HUNT? were you living in the interior for over ten years? because the only way you can get lyme disease is if you're bitten by multiple deer ticks over a long period of time." from what i've read, this isn't true.

this conversation has made me trust my doctor less and made me worry that if the test comes up negative he's going to leave it at that. and tell me it's "just the mono". i'm not getting better. there has to be something else going on.

my symptoms include: severe fatigue, migraines, nose bleeds, muscle aches, swollen glands, sore joints, sweating, loss of appetite, severe anxiety, depression, confusion, loss of concentration, chills, nightmares, really sore feet and legs, diarrhea, stomach ache.. etc etc i have up and down days.

i guess what i'm looking for here is some support from other people who have had an experience with an ignorant doctor. should i go to a different doctor? are the things he's saying true? am i worrying over nothing? i'm sorry for my short sentences and poor writing but i haven't been able to write like i used to since i became ill. thank you

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