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I suspect I may have lyme disease, but when tested by the Western Blot (first test I had done), only one band pulled up, 41 KD. I haven't been to an LLMD yet.

I already have adrenal fatigue and many of my adrenal symptoms could be lyme symptoms as well.

These symptoms range from dizzyness, brain fog, ear fullness, running into things, running into doors and furniture, dropping plates accidentally, clumsy, passing out, palpitations, numb and tingling arms, anxiety and depression, GI disturbances, food intolerances, extreme fatigue. I had night sweats, insomnia, migraines and went to the ER 3x, not knowing what was going on. The debilitating fatigue is the most common symptom.

Most alarming of all my symptoms though is a new symptom: BONE PAIN! It is so SCARY! I have bone pain in my

-entire lower arm from fingers to elbows
-lower back
-thigh bones
-shoulder bones

The bone pain comes and goes. 5 months ago it was only in the thigh bones and lower back. Suddenly, starting a week ago, it moved to all these new locations. Then a week passed and I felt ok. But now for the last 2 days, all my bones hurt again.

Is bone pain like this a common lyme problem??

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