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I am so angry with my husband. I swear he is the most self absorbed, impossibly frustrating, ignorant jerk!

No matter what is happening with my health he is just going about his life as if nothing is wrong with me.

I have stopped telling him anything about this illness because he just doesn't want to understand it. He sees what it is doing to me - he has seen me come home from only 3 hours work and collapse into bed , he has seen me limping because of pain in hip or knee, he has seen me unable to bend my arm because elbow is so painful and stiff sometimes I cannot bring a cup to my mouth and the best is that for weeks I have had pain and stiffness in my jaw and told him repeatedly that I cannot chew some of the things he wants us to have for dinner - what did he do the other night? Brought home 2 giant steaks for dinner! Then acts surprised when I flip out on him last night for doing the same damn thing. I can't chew it A&*#***!

Ugh, I'm just so tired of trying to make him understand. I got a lyme book 2 weeks ago and told him to read it - (I did this because the last time he asked about it and I started to explain he actually fell asleep!! and it was not late and I was only talking for maybe 5 min. Anyway in 2 weeks time he never touched the book. Last night he read about 3 pages - woohoo!

Sorry - just venting - any body else deal w/this?

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