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It's been a few years since I posted. I just happened to drop in. My wife was diagnosed with Lymes disease 5 years ago. Her LLMD had the integrity to finally tell her he had done all he could do and recommended a dentist in the Pacific Northwest. A dentist you ask?

This dentist was one of the most prominent in the state specializing in TMJ. Trouble is he was greatly bothered by the great amount of surgical invasion for so little movement. He began devising oral appliances, and in the process discovered that peoples health problems greatly improved with their individualized application. So my wife went to see the dentist, and we now doubt that she really had Lymes as her symptoms slowly diminish. Her braces and dental work in youth changed the shape of her jaw so that her mouth was too small for her tongue. Her tongue was forced back in her throat causing all sorts of havoc via her autonomic nervous system. For example, her seizures were caused by her uvula intermittently contacting her epiglottis----made her body think she was choking which caused the autonomic nervous system to surge adrenalin which manifested in body tremors.

Think about how complex the throat is as it coordinates breathing, chewing, swallowing, coughing, speaking, sneezing, gagging, etc. mostly autonomic and unconscious. You can't kill yourself by choosing to hold your breath.

What we learned is that trouble in the oral system can cause symptoms like yours. I was having chest pain, heart arrythmia, difficulty breathing, and snored. I wear an appliance myself now, and breathing is incredibly easy. Maybe this seems odd to post on the Lyme Board, but again, I can only report our experience. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on traditional and alternative treatments. This is the most optimistic of all. BUT we never saw a tick or bullet, just kept chasing symptoms. The treatment protocol is Oral System Balancing or Oral System Biology more recently if you want to do some research. Sorry for being so long winded.


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