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Why would you want to do a test when 1) you have no symptoms 2) your LLMD said he did not think you had Lyme and 3) any old lab doing a lyme test is not going to tell you much? Do you feel that the LLMD that you saw was not knowledgeable?

I think you're right - "you've scared yourself to death" and for no apparent reason. This stress can't be good for your pregnancy.

I hope you can find some peace around this issue.


I'm sorry, Jen. I certainly don't want to offend anyone. I'm just a worrier since I'm pregnant. What turned in to me getting on the internet to find out the "right" way to remove a tick turned into me finding an overload of information about the risk of Lyme. I've found 2 tiny ticks on me and have showed both bites to my OB and I've talked to my regular MD about it when I saw her for a cold I was getting. Both of them told me about symptoms to be on the look out for but everything on the internet kept saying that you must see an LLMD so I found one and even went to him as well. He didn't suspect Lyme either (and I felt he was knowledgable about the disease). Besides a terrible cold I picked up a few weeks ago from my 2 year old, I don't think I have experienced any Lyme symptoms but then I worry that maybe I'm not symptomatic right now and something might come up later when it's "too late."

I'm sorry again. After having my son, I've become very health conscious. Maybe I should just stop googling! :dizzy:

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