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Hi all:

I am new to here. I was troubled with a series of health issues since Jan.2009. Initially started with diarrhea/IBS type of GI symptoms, then progressed into severe (early waking) insomnia. I will always wake up in the middle of the dark and cannot get back to sleep . After that all sorts of strange symptoms came up, including myagia, joint cracking, tinnitus and depression. I am on Remeron which helps improve sleep and reduce a lot of symptoms.

My symptoms actually tapered off during the past half of year. I am still on small dose of Remeron which helps me sleep. It seems a lot of the symptoms
went away once the sleep has improved . The remaining symptoms are occasional stomach pain and back pain.

For curiosity, I did a Labcorp Lyme test which is all negative except for IgM p41. This prompts me to goto a LLMD which orders a battery of Igenex tests of Lyme and its co-infections. To my surprise, the results are both positive for IgM and IgG.

p31 ++
p34 IND
p41 ++
p83-p93 ++
others -

p31 ++
p34 IND
p41 +
p58 +
others -

It says by CDC standard the results are negative but by Igenex standard it is positive. I am wondering if the Igenex results are sufficiently convincing .Anybody heard of any false positive by Igenex standard? Also is it possible that Lyme just went away by itself or I just fought it off by myself? I am very concerned since I really cannot remember how come can I get Lyme (no recall of tick bite or EM rash).

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