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Hi I am new here to posting, but I read this board a lot. We have been suspecting that my husband has Lyme but aren't certain. After a trip to the RA today he was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. In his blood work results we did see he had tested positive for band 23 on his lyme test. The RA said that he did not feel he had lyme. I just thought band 23 was specific to lyme. Am I missing something here or can something else cause band 23 to read positive or can he be positive with only band 23 showing. I don't want to beat a dead horse but I also don't want him to go misdiagnosed for years either some like I have seen on here, it has been 2 months of hell as it is. Thanks for any input and information in advance.


I'm certainly not an expert on psoriatic arthritis, but your husband seems young for this condition. From all the symptoms you've listed, plus living in a wooded area, I certainly would not rule out LD. I had numerous tick bites and never once had a rash, yet I always test positive. Do all your husband's symptoms fit the arthritic diagnosis? If not, you need to look further. Right?

RA and other specialists are trying to be helpful, I'm sure, but so many of us have been down the route of seeing a truckload of specialists and I've yet to find one knowledgeable about Lyme.

Because his blood work was not sent to a Lyme lab I wouldn't rely on those findings. That said, even the premiere labs cannot be relied on for 100% accurate information. Any LLMD will concur with this. But regarding band 23, I've sometimes seen it listed as lyme specific and other times not. See what I mean? I would put the money you would have spent on the test into seeing an LLMD because symptomology is the key and also what LLMDs look at, not just blood tests.

The other issue, and it is an important one, is when did the symptoms first develop? If recently (within 4 or 5 weeks) it is [I]imperative[/I] that abx be started immediately in order to be free of long-term chronic illness. If it has been longer, lyme becomes much more difficult to treat because the "chetes" have now migrated into the tissues and every 4 or 5 weeks they replicate. They have an affinity for the tissues so soon they will have invaded all areas of the body. This is why you see people reporting symptoms with their eyes, ears, brain, kidneys, joints, and the list goes on.

I hope you can find clarity about this so that you can make the right decisions. I wish you all the best and please post again if you have further questions.


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