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Possible Relaspe?
Nov 9, 2010
Hello friends, and fellow sufferers. Bear with me as a I tell the majority of my story and ask for your experiences and opinions.

I tested positive for LD in august of 09. My symptoms came about in the form of SEVERE tiredness, unable to speak in coherent sentences (the only symptom i found funny!) flashing lights and floaters, blurry vision only in one eye, severe pressure and ringing in my ears, and a debilitating pressure in the back of my head/base of skull. On doxy, i felt better immediately, until about a week later when i went into a terrible herx. im not one for fevers, but i did have the poops, and a return of the headaches and head pressure worse than ever. I found an LLMD as my DR was going to take me off Doxy after 3 weeks and I still felt terrible. I was put on Doxy and Bactrim and continued to take it for 6 months. The only symptoms i had were some mild 'off balance' feelings after taking the medicines and a persistant UTI (most likely caused by my lack of probiotics).

I was pulled off the meds for a trial because i was symptom free. I remained symptom free for almost 2 months until i started having horrible headaches every night at the same time, only relieved by sleep. After the headaches passed, they seemed to stay gone (it was about 4 nights a week for 2 weeks). Then i woke up one day severely dizzy and nauseaus, which also passed after a few days. After that i was actually feeling fine until a scary new symptom started. I cant take a full deep satisfying breath, unless i lay flat on my stomach. Its so severe sometimes that i feel dizzy and lightheaded as if i am not getting enough air. I was hospitalized when i had chest pains, and they found loose air in my chest, they said it was most likely due from straining to breath so much, i popped a 'bleb' in my lung. Shortly after being released, i was in again with acute pericarditis (no fluid or arrythmias).

Here is my current situation:

MRI showed white spots, but otherwise 'normal'
ECG and EKG normal
Blood test was neg for Lyme (done in hospital)
Every blood test showed random vitamin deficiency, mainly calcium and vit K

When i took b12, magnesium, calcium, and vit K as supps, the fast heart rate i was sufffering from for weeks seems to have been brought back to normal.

My current symptoms are:

AIR HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER. I feel like im being squeezed sometimes and its such a struggle to breath in deeply. Sometimes i feel as if my whole left side of my neck shut down with breathing! often very much worse after a huge meal.

WHEN I LAY DOWN ONLY i get this horrible pressure ringing and pain in my ears, and it makes it very hard to sleep. When i try to fall asleep i get these waves of pressure in my head that startle me awake just as i was falling asleep. Usually when pressure is present , my right eye is blurry. I also see a lot of spots and flashing floaters and such. Usually when i have these problems sleeping, i wake up in the morning with a right sided headache that goes away almost immediately upon standing up (30 sec to 4 min)

My question for you experienced lymies is as follows:

I saw my LLMD last month he suspects lyme relapse and im back on Doxy. Dont remember a herx but it did get rid of the neck pain, head pain but hasnt touched the breathing problem, do you think im on too low of a dose or does this take a longer time to treat?

Has anyone had this breathing problem with lyme? When you feel squeezed and its difficult just to breath properly when standing up right?

The pressure and one sided headache triggered by sleep, is that typical or heard of with Lyme?

Im worried i might have problems from Antibiotic use, and dont know who to trust when Drs say NOOO and my LLMD says YES! What , in your opinion, do you think would be a wise course of action for me? Treatment of lyme? or invesgitagtion into other possibilities.

I guess i find it hard to believe something else could cause such symptoms in so many different areas.

Anxiety attacks were an issue as well, totally random and without mental anxiety, just like do do do WHAT THE CRAP!

sorry for the long words, but ive been battling this mystery condition for almost 3 months now and have frequently referenced these boards, and i just wanted to reach out to you all for some support.

Love you all, wish you well, and those nasty bacteria death!

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