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No doctor here, but your western blot would IMO is quite positive for Lyme. A regular Dr will not be able to understand, you would simply be wasting your time. A good LLMD can read between the lines. By the way most LLMD consider IND as a weak positive, you have many Lyme specific bands! Lyme will give you those horrible symptoms, I finally have an app with LLMD myself, so really looking forward to sorting my 15 years of mystery symptoms

Your results

CDC result: Negative
18 +
34,39,41 (IND)
83-93 +
everything else is -.

CDC result: Negative
23-25 (IND)
30 +
everything else -.

Genomic - B burgdorferi Negative
Plasmid - B burgdorferi - Positive

I wasn't sure about plasmids. From what I understand they are kind of like a footprint left by bacteria you've had. Could my Plasmids be positive merely because I had it years ago? Or is that pointing to more doom?

I welcome your comments, and thank you.[/QUOTE]

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