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[COLOR="Purple"]Lyme can cause M.S. symptoms. It does get in bone and muscle along with every other part of your body.

I would not go to a infectious disease doctor if i were you. I did that a couple of times and both times they poohed the idea of lyme.

You need a lyme specialist. A lyme literate medical doctor. One that goes on symptoms not solely on a test. Testing for lyme is not accurate. You have many positives on your test. Lyme doctors do not go by what the CDC says anymore.
Some people do not even show one positive let alone as many as you.

Did your test come back Positive by Igenex's standard? I just had another test through them lately and it says it is positive by their standards. I still have symptoms so I know it is true.

If you have had lyme in the past. Then most likely you were not on long enough treatment. They say one should stay under treatment until symtpoms are gone for 3 to 4 months.
I have not heard of anyone being completly cured. One can get better by putting these critters into remission.

I know I lost the use of my legs and arms for awhile 8 years ago. Long antibiotic/supplements and I can walk and use arms again.

You definatley need a LLMD not a I.D. doc.

Just my opinon.


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