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he couldn't have Lyme disease because we think we pulled it off several hours after he got it. He said it has to be attached at least a day to transmit Lymes.

Two weeks ago, my son told me that he saw blinking lights in his head. He has complained of the same thing several more times since then. Sometimes he said his head hurts. I brought him to an opthalmologist that said his eyes were good. We saw a neurologist yesterday and he is testing for Lymes and ordering an eeg.

Besides the lights, he also will start freaking out because his skin itches so bad and then it goes away. He seems a little tired lately.

For those of you that have had this, please, share your thoughts. Do you think it is a possiblility that he has Lymes?

The reason why specialists, other than LLMDs, are not recommended (other than for their lack of understanding of this disease) is because they go by tests and tests are unreliable for Lyme. So if the test is negative they don't treat. Many do not even know the proper lab to send blood work to for Lyme.

It's because so many of us have already been down this road - chasing treatment with inappropriate "specialists" and getting seriously sicker all the while - that we're so adamant about steering others in the right direction and proper care.

I certainly hope your son [I]doesn't[/I] have Lyme, but I wouldn't take a chance, especially having removed a tick.


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