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Disease onset
Dec 11, 2010
I was abroad from July 3rd to August 25th of this year. In Greece in Mid-August, I had a fever, severe stomach cramping, shaking chills, and muscle aches for 3 days. One week later, I got what I thought was a cold (sore throat, productive cough, fatigue, congestion). I have no felt right since. Upon returning home, I began to get severe pain in the right side of my face (behind eyes, in cheek bones, under chin, in ear) and intermittent sharp shooting pains throughout my body. The facial pain was soon accompanied by a stiff neck, dizziness, loss of appetite. I now also have muscle twitching all over (several twitches every minute), pain in the sternum that goes to my back, pressure under ribs, insomnia, and general joint stiffness and muscle pain. I have had a CT scan of my face, an MRI of my brain and neck, and a chest X-ray. None are remarkable. Several blood tests are also normal. My lyme test was negative (tested via community hospital), but my doctor still seems very certain that I have Lyme disease (I don't remember getting bit by anything and have had no skin abnormalities). I'm curious if anyone else had a similar disease onset with cold, severe headache neck stiffness? My symptoms seem to change hourly/migrate. I should mention that prior to my trip, I was a PERFECTLY healthy 23 year old. Thanks for your replies!

Cliff notes:
-Fever/stomach flu
-Severe moving face pain
-Neck stiffness
-Muscle pain
-Muscle twitching
-Burning, shooting, stabbing pains
-Chest tightness, pain, pressure under ribs

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