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Lyme can lay dormant for many years and then look for an opportunistic avenue to arise in the body, such as a flu, emotional stress, surgery, etc. This is what happened with me following gallbladder surgery. So I wouldn't rule anything out when it comes to Lyme and how it presents.

Many people with Lyme also have CFS and Fibro as well. Some say this is actually Lyme but I tend to think this may not always be the case. I think I am one of those who have both CFS and Lyme (and I tested positive for LD).

Regarding the labs, I have never heard of the one you mention but if it is like Quest and other labs then I doubt they specialize in Lyme testing which requires special know-how and equipment.

Regarding the various symptoms you listed, Lyme affects all those areas. Probably you have already read the many posts that talk about this. I, and many others, have been down that path of going from specialist to specialist only to find nothing shows up. It is frustrating and, for some, costly. Hypo and Hashi are different in that many people with Lyme also develop one or the other or both of these thyroid issues. Mine started in tandem with my Lyme symptoms. The thyroid needs to be addressed and a good place to start is to post your labs on the thyroid board here where there are many knowledgeable people.

If a person really thinks they have LD then at some point all this chasing after symptoms and specialists really has to stop and the Lyme itself has to be addressed vigorously. On the other hand, if you truly think something else is going on then maybe you should play it out with these various doctors, if for nothing else, more clarity and peace of mind.

But no need to have a nervous breakdown :). We've all been through the frustration and confusion. Just keep coming here and talking to us. Lots and lots of research also helps enormously when trying to figure things out.

Wishing you all the very best,

mdl is pretty reputable for testing, including lyme, or at least i knew they were a few years ago. i worked at a doctor's office who treated chronic lyme patients. they almost always used igenix, but sometimes used friend's mother used mdl and was diagnosed as positive, so at least i know they just don't find anyone negative.

do you have a copy of your test results? the reason why i am asking is because my friend's mother was told by her doctor that the test was negative. i asked to see a copy because i was convinced that she had lyme disease, regardless of what her doctor said. (i not only worked for an llmd, i also have also, chronic lyme)......anyway, when i looked at the results from mdl, it said she was was obvious to me (because my job was to read lab reports and had read may from mdl), but if i recall, it was a slightly tricky read, which may have lead her doctor to misinterpret the results.

also, which exact tests were you given? igg? igm?

anyway, igenix is still the gold standard from what i understand. but mdl is definitely more reputable than quest.

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