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Yes. I do remember that we were corresponding with each other. That is great that you got diagnosed. What is your treatment and how are you feeling? Did your blood work go to a specialized lab like Igenix in California or a lab in the UK. Yes, i do take apple cider vinegar but when i am going through this binge nothing helps.Then i start feeling very anxious like i am having a heart attack because in women that is one of the symptoms. So as usual, i am a nervous wreck. Also lately i am feeling very tired. More then usual. My mind does not stop and i start to panic. I am a mess and very depressed. I have no quality of life right now. I am sure you can relate to what i am saying. Unfortunatly the people around us don't understand, which also does not help. Good luck to you with your new diagnosis. I would love to hear about your protocol. Talk soon. LaLa

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