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hey everybody thanks for all the advice! so i went to the pcp where i got my positive igm result. she told me not to worry she doesnt think it is lyme. she said the test does give false positives and even the lab results under the test state that if you receive a positive igm and a negative igg this could be a false positive and you should be retested in a few weeks, so this is what my doctor plans to do. she told me she will give me a referral for a infectious disease doctor because she knows how i worry and stress. the thing is i understand from reading all of these boards that lyme is hard to diagnose and most doctors do not think it is lyme and assume its anything else so i still am going to go to the infectious disease doctor and i am still going to go to the llmd for absolute reassurance. i also understand where the doctors are coming from. i have always had anxiety and it does run in my family and i have been struggling with depression since oct. i am on lexapro 10 mg and it has been helping but i still have my days espically a week before my period (i also want to get my hormone levels checked), i started getting headaches in sept. and end of oct/beginning of nov i developed tmj symptoms( neck stiffness, jaw pain, teeth sensitive) and end of nov. my knees started bothering me--but the thing with this is that my whole life my knees have bothered me every couple of years, my mom said when i was a kid i would cry and she got me checked out for rhematoid arthritis and it was negative and as a teenager i was having pains and went for mri and they found nothing and said it was tendanitis(sorry for the spelling) but i never had this cracking in my left knee. the doctor told me stress can bring on many of my symptoms and she told me to increase my lexapro and start taking a lot of vitamins she recommended. i have an appt on monday with a physical therapist for my knee but the doc thinks it might be early arthitis. so my point is that i hope i do not have lyme but i am going to keep my appts to confirm and i am trying to work on my stress/anxiety/depression. i both a whole bunch of vitamins and i am eating according to the lyme diet. i read that raising your tempature to 102 for 20 mins is good for lyme but i dont know how i can do that if i dont have a sauna or whirlpool, has anybody done this without either? i will keep you all posted!

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