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Hi Rod

Welcome to the board, I am sorry to hear of your wife's situation, one of which so many of us know only to well.

It's great that you are researching as much as you can, as there is certainly a lot to learn about lyme.

I was in your wife's shoes a year ago, and I have only just been diagnosed with Lyme and Bartonella in Novemeber. I started my treatment only 6 weeks ago. Herx reactions are pretty different for every one, mine started after 1 month of antibiotics, and is still going strong. I know others who have never had a herx. It seems to be a very individual disease.

As you have already mentioned, testing is extremely unreliable, and even the best labs can produce false negatives. I had 3 negative tests for lyme before I sent my tests to IGINEX all the way from the UK. I then tested positive for Lyme and the Co-infection Bartonella. I would highly recommend you seek out an LLMD as soon as possible, they really are the only Doctor that can diagnose and treat this disease. The waiting list's can be long, so the sooner you book an appointment the better. You could always cancel if you feel you don't need it later on.

Best wishes to you and your wife, she is very lucky to have your support, please do let us know how things are going.

Good luck

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