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If I were you I would call Igenex and ask to speak to the head doc. He will ask you questions and tell you the exact codes to give your doc.

I wouldn't, however, rely on the tests or your regular doc to administer. Lyme is primarily diagnosed by symptoms, not tests. If you think you may have LD find an LLMD now. You can still go ahead with testing, if that is your wont. You could then give that info. to the LLMD. But as I said, they go by symptoms.

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Well I have low platelets, low WBC, high EBV, CMV, HHV6 IGG antibodies, mild hypercalcemia, elevated liver enzymes

I also have most of the physical symptoms of Lyme, but they are the same for CFS so I want tests to prove I have Lyme if possible. The results above are from blood tests and based on some research, much of this is common in chronic lyme is it not?

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