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Hey everybody,

For those that saw my previous thread I tested positive for igm with bands 39 and 41 and igg negative with bands 41 on the western blot. My docotor keeps telling me it's not lyme. I have an appt with a infectious disease doctor who is suppose to specialize in lyme and I have an appt with a LLMD in march just in case. I am actually sick right now and I went to the doctor and she gave me moxatag 775 mg for 10 days. I looked it up and it looks like this is used to treat lyme. If I do in fact have lyme, will I herx from taking this medicine? I have been taking vitamins, trying to eat better, and trying to do the steam bath for 20 mins with epsom salt. My knees are not bothering me as much, but I woke up with a swollen/pain in my right hand in my pinky and ring finger. I thought maybe I slept on it wrong but then my left hand in the same spot started swelling slightly two days later. I took the moxatag last night and I started having right hip pain for a few minutes like 2 hours after I took the medicine. I feel achy all over but I am sick and also getting my period in like 2 days(sorry TMI!) so how will I be able to tell if I will herx?

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