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Hi everyone

My first post here, wish it wasn't, but hey I have to keep positive

So a quick history, I was feeling unwell, generally run down and aching middle of 2010, as I did know about Lymes I went to the doc and asked for a test, it was negative, and we just put it down to a bug, i showe dno signs of bullseye rash or any other symptons

I spend an awful lot of time in woods, but couldn't recall being bitten by a tic so thought I was OK

In August 2010 I was in Ireland and suddenly was ill, it was like hypothermia, shakes and difficulty being understood, felt so bad, but in a day was recovered, and back to normal, so I put it down to a nasty day bug

November the feelings returned, but this time with swollen elbows, so off to the doc again, he put it down to Gout, onto the Gout tablets which actually made me feel very ill, so stopped them, needless to say it wasn't gout

Another test for Lymes, again negative, but the doc persevered and I had lots of tests, blood, urine, x rays, all came back without a reason for feeling terrible

I now had a strange sensation, when shaving my right side of my face all was well, when shaving the left side it was like it was on fire, so sensitive and painful, that was so wierd

The other wierd sensation was my feet had constant pins and needles, and went from freezing cold to boiling hot

The tests ruled out liver, kidney, heart, lungs and everything else my doctor could think of, it all pointed to Lymes so another test, even though the first tests were negative we were running out of options on what it could be wrong with me

And this time the test showed full on Lymes, positive and deeply embedded
The only clue before this was the tests showed mega amounts of white blood cells

So now at least I know what I have and the treatment has started, loads of antibiotics i can't pronounce and very strong painkillers

I wake up aching all over, swellings come and go, headache is permanent, during the day it often improves which is good and then I try and do something, run out of energy after a few minutes and have to sit down

The lack of energy is bad for me, i am usually very fit, always outdoors and it is hard to come to terms with

The next stage is the mental stuff, see how far that has got in me, so it is a full scan and neurologist sessions in the next couple of weeks

I will let you all know how it goes

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